About Aqua

Nutrition plays an important role in our daily lives. A complete and varied diet contributes to our health and ensures that certain diseases are prevented.

In addition, food as a social activity is indispensable; happy and sad events are often experienced in combination with food. Sometimes this also gives comfort or distraction. In short, every person has different eating habits and preferences.

About Aqua-Arm

As the founders of Aqua Health Reviews, we make sure you have the right information about strength training, nutrition and mindsets.  We provide product reviews, health tips and advice to enable you to achieve the body you desire. 

At AQUA we focus on strength training for men and women in combination with ketogenic nutrition.

We see this as the high-speed procedure to burn body fat quickly, to get hot curves und but still not to lose pleasure and joy of life. After all, what good is a six-pack if you walk around with a face like disappointed by life?

And yes, we use this combination ourselves!

  • How to combine ketogenic nutrition with strength training for rapid fat loss and beautiful muscles?
  • What exercises should you do as a woman in strength training to get beautiful female curves?
  • We show you how you can integrate training & nutrition into a stressful everyday life.

About Me 

I am Lenora Z. Jordan, nutritionist-dietician. At a young age, I was busy with food and I thought about how people could eat healthier. A logical step was that I chose to study Nutrition and Dietetics at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen. I graduated in 2007 and since then I can call myself ‘dietician’. In 2009 I also completed the Master’s degree program ‘Nutrition and Health’ because I wanted a scientific deepening.

After my studies, I performed various duties as a nutritionist and dietitian. In the meantime, I saw more and more people struggling with their health, lifestyle and diet. From this came a mission for me: I want to help people to live healthier lives so that they can ultimately improve their lifestyle and health independently. To shape this in my own way, I started my practice DCN Nutrition Advice Vianen on July 1, 2012, and I enjoy working in practice.

Specializations: In daily practice, I guide overweight and underweight people, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, Diabetes Mellitus, intestinal complaints, gout, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, food allergies or diseases of the organs. I am also familiar with the FODMAP diet in PDS.